Legislature sent 170 bills to Gov. Dayton this year; he vetoed one

The Minnesota Legislature passed 170 bills this year and Gov. Mark Dayton signed 169 of them, according to an interesting analysis by Charlie Shaw of the state House’s Public Information Services.

The governor vetoed just one bill, the one that would have outlawed online lottery games.

(He also had a line-item veto in another bill, the Timberjay bill. He approved the part that requires that all government contracts to include notice that the Minnesota Data Practices Act applies to private businesses, even when the notice is not included in the contract. But he vetoed the part funding a study by the Office of the Legislative Auditor to learn how secure state systems are at securing and transmitting data, including citizens’ personal information.)

Shaw notes that there were 1,534 bills introduced in the House and 1,309 introduced in the Senate this session.

The 170 bills passed and sent to the governor is in the middle range, when comparing to recent years:

Bills sent to the governor:

  • 2014… 170
  • 2013… 144
  • 2012… 182
  • 2011… 117
  • 2010… 219
  • 2009… 179

And this year’s lone veto appears to be an aberration, (indicative of the DFL-controlled House and Senate?):

  • Bill vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton in his four years (excluding line-item vetoes): 56
  • Total number of bills vetoed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty during his eight years he as governor: 123
  • Number vetoed in Pawlenty’s first two years: 8
  • Bills vetoed in four years Jesse Ventura was governor: 54
  • Bills vetoed when Arne Carlson was governor from 1991-98: 179

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