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U.S. Rep. McCollum to the Wilfs: Join the movement to change Washington team name

McCollum asks Zygi Wilf, in a letter, to urge the Washington team’s owner to drop the offensive name.

U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., sent a letter to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, asking him to join the movement to force the Washington football team to stop using an offensive mascot and to change its nickname.

The Vikings play Washington Nov. 2 at the University of Minnesota’s stadium, which they’re using while a new downtown Minneapolis stadium is being built for the team.

McCollum says, in a letter posted online by Blois Olson’s FluenceMedia:

“Mr. Wilf, I believe you are a man of integrity. Therefore I am calling upon you to publically demonstrate leadership on behalf of your organization and the people of Minnesota by adding your voice to the millions of Americans who are calling for this racist mascot to be changed and for Native Americans to be treated with respect and dignity by the NFL. A strong condemnation of the Washington franchise’s name by the Minnesota Vikings Football Club will go a long way towards helping to change the mascot.”

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Last month, McCollum and the Congressional Native American Caucus sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking for the name to be changed, calling it “derogatory, demeaning and offensive,” and a “slur akin to the N-word.”

But Goodell said in a reply to McCollum that there is vast public support to keep the name, and that it was never intended to offend.