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Zellers reiterates his 'No Tax Increase' pledge in GOP governor's race

State Rep. Kurt Zellers, running for governor and embroiled in a GOP primary race, said Wednesday that he'll never raise taxes if he's elected, continuing a no-new-taxes pledge he's held as a legislator.

“Let's be clear: I will never raise taxes and I am the only candidate in this race of either party who has put that in writing and lived up to that pledge in the past,” said Zellers, who has served six terms in the Legislature.

He's running in the Aug. 12 Republican primary against party-endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson, a Hennepin County commissioner. Also running are former legislator Marty Seifert and businessman Scott Honour.

The winner of the primary will face DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, who is seeking a second term.

Zellers continues to stress in his campaign that while he was House Speaker in 2011, Republican lawmakers were able to pass a no-tax-increase budget.

“I'm the only candidate who has proven his strength and his commitment to conservative principles to be able to beat Dayton and the liberal interest groups again in November,” he said.

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Comments (8)

Taxes By Another Name?

Can Rep. Zellers also claim he won't raise any other fees, assessments or what ever other euphemism is often substituted for a "tax" increase? For example, former-Gov. Pawlenty's "health Impact fee" that was a cigarette tax increase by any other name.

Taxes vs. fees

Taxes are mandatory, fees are voluntary. Want to avoid the "tax?" avoid the voluntary activity.


Well, sounds like a politician that has already taken potential solutions and compromises off the table. Sorry this voter and "high tax payer" doesn't want to vote for someone that can't look at problems and solutions with an open mind. Goods and services cost money, I have high expectations of our government, I am not afraid to pay for them to meet those expectations.
Seems we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and one of the best business environments, "How is that possible if we also have high Taxes?"
From this perspective the Gov Tim years were a train wreck year after year with the ignorant, we won't budge pledges. Should we all think that way? Think about it Rep. Zellers, should we all take the same pledge "I REFUSE TO BUDGE ON THIS POINT" its call intransigence, that shows only one thing a very low appreciation and understanding of other people's thinking, thus we can count on you "NOT TO REPRESENT ALL OF US" your pledge say so!
Think about it.

Here's an idea

Take all that extra money you have and write a check to the state treasury. Your "high expectations of our government" will be funded through your efforts as it should be and they'll be glad to take your money.


haven't I seen this movie before? Can these guys conjure up one original idea? Just one?

Freedom is not a new idea

It's just the best one.

Profound, Dennis

absolutely without merit or relation to a pledge to not raise taxes, but I'm sure it's a tingle to the flag lapel pin crowd.


I wonder what snarky "reply" DENNIS TESTER will come up with for this post.