Canvassing board selected for 2014 Minnesota state elections

Five members of Minnesota’s election canvassing board have been named; they’ll certify the state election results, starting with Tuesday’s primary.

By law, the canvassing board is made up of the Minnesota Secretary of State and four judges — two from the state Supreme Court and two district court judges.

So Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who’s not running for re-election this year, has to be on the list. The four others are:

  • Supreme Court Associate Justice G. Barry Anderson, Minnesota
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice Christopher Dietzen,
  • Fourth District Judge Fred Karasov,
  • Fourth District Judge Lyonel Norris

The board’s first session will be Aug. 19, when they’ll certify results of Tuesday’s primary.

They’ll also meet after the Nov. 4 general election.

Ritchie, as secretary of state, has been on the board for the previous three state-wide elections, but the judges have changed.

The 2012 canvassing board judges were:

  • Supreme Court Associate Justice Alan Page
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice Christopher J. Dietzen
  • Second District Judge Rosanne Nathanson
  • Second District Judge David C. Higgs

The 2010 judges were:

  • Supreme Court Associate Justice Paul H. Anderson
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice David R. Stras
  • Second District Judge Gregg E. Johnson
  • Fourth District Judge Denise D. Reilly

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