Dayton sets up ‘Blue Ribbon’ panel to enhance University of Minnesota’s Medical School

Gov. Mark Dayton has appointed an 18-member committee that will recommend ways to enhance the University of Minnesota’s Medical School, in an effort “to ensure the state’s preeminent medical school is a national leader in medical training, research, and innovation.”

The Blue Ribbon Committee will come up with ideas for strategies and investments in the medical school, and prepare recommendations for the 2015 Legislature.

Said Dayton in a statement:

“The future health of Minnesotans depends on what we do now to train the next generation of medical professionals in our state. Today’s medical students will become the doctors who will care for our families, and the research professionals who will develop life-saving innovations in medical technology in the years to come.”

The committee’s goals:

  • National Prominence – Ensuring the Medical School’s national preeminence by retaining and attracting world class faculty, staff, students and residents.
  • Nation-Leading Research and Innovation – Sustaining the university’s national leadership in health research, care innovation, and health-care delivery, capitalizing on the state’s investments in biomedical research and ground-breaking discoveries.
  • Excellence in Clinical Services – Expanding the university’s clinical services to strengthen its ability to serve as a statewide health-care resource for providers and patients, as a training site for health professional students and residents, as a site for cutting-edge clinical research, and as a source of critical funding for the Medical School and health sciences.
  • Meeting the Health Care Needs of a Changing Minnesota – Addressing the state’s health workforce needs so as to serve Minnesota’s broad continuum of health care needs, including primary care, a growing aging population, and increased chronic health needs.

Committee members are:

  • David Abelson, MD, Senior Executive Vice President, HealthPartners and CEO of Park Nicollet Health Services
  • James G. Boulger, PhD, Professor at U of M Duluth Medical School
  • Kathleen Brooks, Director, Rural Physician Associate Program, Medical School
  • Jay Brooks Jackson, MD, Dean, Medical School and Vice President for Health Sciences
  • Renee Crichlow, MD, Minnesota Association of Family Physicians & U of M Physicians Broadway Clinic
  • Ed Ehlinger, MD, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Cindy Firkins Smith, MD, Dermatologist and U of M faculty member and president of the Minnesota Medical Association
  • Mary Maertens, CEO, Avera Health-Marshall, Minnesota Hospital Association
  • Richard Migliori, MD, Chief Medical Officer at UnitedHealth Group
  • Larry Pogemiller, Commissioner, Office of Higher Education
  • Jon Pryor, CEO, Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Patrick Rock, MD, CEO at Indian Health Board of Minneapolis
  • Rulon Stacey, CEO, Fairview
  • Elizabeth Seaquist, MD, U of M Professor of Medicine and Researcher
  • State Rep. Tom Huntley 
  • State Sen. Leroy Stumpf
  • Two GOP legislators, to be named later

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