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GOP county chair says candidate Hagedorn doesn’t deserve party support in 1st

Fillmore County Republican Chair Doug Baker says Jim Hagedorn went against his word by running, and winning the primary, after vowing to abide by the party endorsement.

Internecine infighting continues in southern Minnesota Republican circles, as one GOP party county chair says Jim Hagedorn — who won the primary and thus gets to run against incumbent Democrat /Rep. Tim Walz in November — doesn’t deserve the party’s support.

Fillmore County GOP Chair Doug Baker made the statement in a letter to the Rochester Post Bulletin. Fillmore is one of the many southern Minnesota counties in the 1st District.

Hagedorn upset party-endorsed Aaron Miller in the primary to earn the matchup against four-term incumbent Walz.

Baker appears extremely unhappy that Hagedorn bucked the party’s endorsing convention process. He said in the letter:

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“Jim Hagedorn deserves no endorsement until he pays back every single delegate and alternate the money and time that were wasted.”

And he wrote:

“Let me get this straight. We want to reward the guy who lied right to our faces, wasted our time and money and widened the rift in the district by wasting more time and money to give him the very thing he thought lowly enough to ignore four months ago.”

The newspaper said, though, that while some area Republicans are unhappy with the way Hagedorn bypassed the system, others are pledging support.

First District Republican Chairwoman Carol Stevenson told the paper that “she knew it would be hard for some of Miller’s supporters after the primary, but she’s already been contacted by several Miller volunteers asking how they can help Hagedorn’s campaign.”