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Much ado about tweet from MN GOP’s Fields politicizing Robin Williams’ death

Responding to a DFL tweet lamenting the loss of Williams, Chris Fields tweeted that those who liked Williams’ work in the 1980s should vote for Jeff Johnson for governor. UPDATE: Fields apologizes.

A Twitter battle raged Monday night after Minnesota GOP Secretary Chris Fields appeared to be trying to turn the suicide of comedian Robin Williams into a political pitch for a Republican candidate.

UPDATE: Fields has apologized. In a statement sent by the state GOP, he said:

“My comments were insensitive and inappropiate, and they clearly do not reflect the views of the Republican Party of Minnesota. I am sincerely sorry for his actions.”

The kerfuffle began Monday night with a tweet from Ellen C. Anderson, the DFL’s social media director, lamenting Williams’ death, saying:

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“My cat’s nickname is Nanu Nanu. The world is lucky Robin Williams was able to share his genius with so many.”

Fields responded:

how very 80’s. Want an economy like we had in 80’s under Reagan…Vote @Jeff4Gov tomorrow in the primary.

Jeff Johnson is the GOP-endorsed candidate in today’s four-way Republican primary for governor.

When someone wondered “Seriously?” Fields replied:

Yes! Bcuz real ppl who dont have millions are crushed by the policies of guilt ridden celebrity above all libs

It went on, with much of it described in a Bluestem Prairie post, and even nationally in a post this morning.