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SurveyUSA/KSTP poll has Franken up 9 points over McFadden in Senate race

The poll shows a 51 percent to 42 percent margin and gives Franken a 56 percent approval rating.

U.S. Sen. Al Franken has a nine point lead in his campaign for re-election and has a 56 percent approval rating, according to a new SurveyUSA/KSTP-TV poll.

The poll has Franken at 51 percent and GOP challenger Mike McFadden with 42 percent.

The poll gives Franken a healthy 56 percent approval rating, while President Barack Obama has only 38 percent approval in the state.

The KSTP story on the poll says it’s good news for Franken, with his approval ratings over 50 percent and just 3 percent below popular fellow Sen. Amy Klobuchar. But it says the less-than-double-digits lead makes Franken “potentially vulnerable,” given the president’s low ratings.

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The poll, taken last week, interviewed 600 likely voters for the Senate matchup and 725 registered voters for the approval ratings.