Dirty tricks — in the race for Lake Elmo City Council?

Someone has gone to a lot of work to influence an election this season, especially considering that the election in question is for the Lake Elmo City Council.

Jill Lundgren is running for the council, one of four seeking two seats, but hasn’t put up her own campaign web site. She’s a first time candidate and it is, after all, the Lake Elmo City Council.

But someone else has created a jilllundgren.com page, an apparent sabotage attempt with information, the candidate says, that ranges from true, to untrue, to misleading.

She told the Pioneer Press that even the accurate information on the faux site is biased. It makes a point that her husband is a Teamster, and that the union has endorsed her. “Someone must think that is harmful,” Lundgren told the paper.

Another candidate in the race, Julie Fliflet, has also found out that someone reserved a web site with her name, although it hasn’t been activated.

Fliflet told the paper: “This is super-disturbing to me. I mean, this is a city council campaign. It feels like this is second-grade behavior.”

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  1. Submitted by Todd Hintz on 09/25/2014 - 10:17 pm.


    The web site was registered on September 5 and used a proxy service to register it. A quick call or email to GoDaddy’s abuse department should get it cleaned up in short order and back into the hands of the candidate.

    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: email@godaddy.com
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.480-624-2505

    This is, indeed, second grade behavior. If someone has something legitimate to say about the candidate they should be proud enough to say it in public. If not, then it’s best not said at all.

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