Rochester heads back to the Legislature to tweak Destination Medical Center plan

Legislators passed a plan last year to provide public funding for an ambitious project in Rochester that focused on a Mayo Clinic expansion. It’s called Destination Medical Center.

But wording in the legislation — which was meant to provide the full amount of the state’s portion, $327 million, when private spending on the project hit $6 billion — was apparently unclear.

And now the state Attorney General’s office has ruled that the existing wording wouldn’t provide the full state funding until the private spending hits $12 billion.

It has to do with the wording in the formula, and whether funding is released when there has been cumulative private spending, as the framers apparently intended, or if it’s based on the previous year’s spending, as the AG says.

Bottom line, it’s back to the Legislature for  DMC advocates, who will work to clarify the language, says the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

Said the paper:

A statement from the Destination Medical Center Corp. board of directors called the funding formula disagreement a “technical issue” and cited DMC’s status as the “largest economic development initiative in the state’s history.”

“We continue to work with DEED and the city of Rochester to resolve this technical issue raised by the attorney general with the DMC statute, so that we keep this important project moving forward,” the statement says.

The public money would pay for infrastructure improvements in Rochester, such as construction of buildings, parks, roads, transit facilities, parking facilities, and other cultural and recreational amenities.

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