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Minnesota one of only five states with unemployment rate lower than prerecession

The Washington Post says Minnesota joins North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio and Alaska as the only states to hit that mark: unemployment levels below where they were when the recession began.

Minnesota is one of only five states that now have lower unemployment rates than before the recession, reports the Washington Post.

And Minnesota, with an unemployment rate now 1.1 percent lower than that in December 2007, is in the best position of the five, the story says.

The others, North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, and Alaska, are between .4 and .8 percent lower.

Meanwhile, New Mexico, Georgia, Alabama and Maryland, all more than 3 percent above their December 2007 figures, the story says.

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An expert, John Herrman of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities USA Inc., told Bloomberg Businessweek. “There is a tremendous disparity, not a uniform recovery at all, with the performance of the economy much more skewed on a regional basis.”

Minnesota officials reported last month that unemployment in August had fallen to 4.3 percent, with 56,000 jobs added in the previous 12 months.