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St. Paul wants suggestions for capital projects

The city wants suggestions for the “acquisition, construction, betterment, physical development, redevelopment and other improvement” of city-owned land and facilities. 

Figuring that the best ideas on how to improve city-owned facilities come from those who actually use them, St. Paul officials are asking for suggestions on how to spend money.

As part of the Capital Improvement Budget, officials are asking for ideas for the “acquisition, construction, redevelopment, or other improvements to land and facilities owned by the city.”

Suggestions can be submitted through Jan. 16; they fall in three categories:

  • Community Facilities: This category includes a wide variety of buildings and facilities, including park trails, play facilities, rec centers, libraries, and police and fire stations.
  • Streets and Utilities: Projects in this category are often associated with Public Works and include street, bridge, lighting and stairway improvements.
  • Residential and Economic Development: This category is specifically focused on housing projects and economic development within St.

Said Mayor Chris Coleman:

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“It is the people embedded in this community that spend their days walking the streets, frequenting our libraries and parks and living in Saint Paul’s neighborhoods who can often best see what needs attention and improvement.”

Proposals typically involve improvements for:

  • Streets
  • Sewers
  • Bridges
  • Libraries
  • Recreation Centers
  • Playground Equipment
  • Traffic Flow
  • Housing and economic development

City departments will help groups refine their ideas, officials said. And city staff will answer questions at a City Hall meeting Nov. 3, from 4 to 6 p.m.

More information is available online, inlcuding proposal forms, instructions, and qualifications.