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Scott Walker wrote ‘Go Packers’ on one of the Vikings’ stadium’s steel beams

Apparently, a slam on the Vikings plays well in Wisconsin politics. 

A New York Times anecdote on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign indicates that slams against the Minnesota Vikings must play well in Wisconsin politics.

At a campaign event Friday, Walker noted that he’d recently visited a Wisconsin steel plant where they are making beams for the new Vikings’ stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

He told those at the rally that he’d gone to the plant in West Salem with Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan:

“So me and Rebecca, we went up on that top beam and we wrote ‘Go Packers’ on it,” he told the crowd, and received a chorus of laughter and brief applause, the story said.

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The item concludes:

The Vikings stadium isn’t set to open until July, 2016, so the Vikings still have time to find the graffiti and make sure it doesn’t get into the roofing, if they so choose.

But Mr. Walker didn’t stop at the beam boasting, getting in one more shot at the stadium, joking that they saved $1 million dollars because “they decided they didn’t need a trophy room.”