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Bachmann plans post-Congressional role as Clinton foil

As she leaves Congress after a fiery eight years in the spotlight, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann plans to continue speaking out on national affairs.

She told USA Today that she plans to sign with a speakers' bureau and write weekly syndicated columns.

Her goal: to have a say in the 2016 presidential race and to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

She told the paper this week:

"I was on the front lines of Benghazi, the Russian reset, all of President Obama's failed foreign policy forays, including his failed strategy of reaching out to Iran, and she was an author and the architect of his failed foreign policies. So I want to be involved in 2016 and hold her accountable for her decisions."

The story notes that Bachmann's claim to fame in Congress might be in:

"...fueling the tea party movement, which helped shift control of the House to Republicans in 2010 and has since pushed the Republican Party as a whole to the right. Bachmann raised millions for the cause and contributed to tea party candidates. She founded and led a tea party caucus in Congress, and she hosted and spoke at tea party rallies at the U.S. Capitol and across the country."

And she had these thoughts about her tenure:

"I know that when it was my turn to carry the flag or carry the football, I did it to the best of my abilities and did what I could where I could. I came as a nobody from nowhere. That's who I was, nobody from nowhere, and all I did was what I said I was going to do. That's it."

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Comments (6)

It would be nice to hold Michelle

Accountable for something, but that's impossible. She did nothing.

I'll agree

with her last statement.

Clinton Foil

Hillary would chew her up.

Why bother?

A three-term representative whose sole accomplishment was turning herself into a national punch-line. If that's the best the right-wing can do for a "foil," they are in pretty poor shape.

good work

She is a breath of fresh air. A sharp woman and tells it like it is.
I have always liked her.

Bachmann sounds a tad too impressed with herself

We’re down to the usual year-end nonsense in the news cycle.

Of course, its true that Bachmann can try to be all that she can be & meddle where she chooses.

She now wants to be Sarah Palin, from my read above.
A Gadfly & Opportunist & we know that pays well.