Deal to protect birds from Vikings stadium may be in the works

Two legislators have told Finance & Commerce that they believe a deal to protect birds from the new Vikings stadium may be in the works.

The two Minneapolis DFL veteran legislators, Rep. Phyllis Kahn and Sen. Scott Dibble, told the publication that they believe a solution to the potential bird kill problem may yet be adopted. They said stadium officials have talked with 3M about a product that would help keep birds from crashing into the glass walls.

“I am more optimistic this week than I have been before,” Kahn told Finance & Commerce.

It apparently would cost an additional $1.1 million to put “bird-safe” glass on the stadium, which has an overall cost of $1.025 billion. State and local taxpayers are contributing about $498 million of the cost.

While officials of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said they are looking into ways to protect birds, they have not embraced the expensive bird-safe glass solution, saying it doesn’t fit the design.

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  1. Submitted by E Gamauf on 12/11/2014 - 05:22 am.

    Bird-Away Adhesive Tape?

    Gosh, they make tape for everything over at 3M!

    Nice to hear that there’s an actual fix instead of a grounds crew contingent constantly sweeping away stunned or dead birds.

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