Long-shot House 41B recount doesn’t change results

Tim Utz, the third-place candidate who got only 13 percent of the vote in the House District 41B election and then requested a recount, says Thursday’s recount shows the original results were valid.

Utz, the Constitution Party candidate, posted a $2,100 deposit to cover a district-wide recount, but ultimately only asked for recounting in three precincts, in Hilltop and Columbia Heights. The cost for those was $450 and he had donors who helped pay the cost, he said.

Utz said he had suspicions about the accuracy of the original election results after a door-to-door canvass in Hilltop.

The two other candidates in the race, DFLer Rep. Carolyn Laine, who won with 57 percent of the vote, and  Republican Camden Pike who had about 29 percent, also attended the recount in Anoka.

The results, Utz said, showed in those three precincts that Utz had two more votes, Pike had one more and Laine had three fewer.

The original results were validated, Utz said: “The process took about 2.5 hours; everyone who was involved learned something and expressed the experience as a positive one.”

He also elaborated on his reasons:

Some would question why do a recount? The purpose of our recount efforts was validating the post Election Day door to door canvas recount or validating Election Day count. There was never an attempt to change the election results. The Minnesota statutes impacting the recount process were followed; our efforts and goal were met. … In a republic form of government there should always be checks and balances. A process for accountability and validation; and in a free society the people should always retain the liberty and right to exercise such a process.

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