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Dayton establishes diversity council to hire and retain wider range of state employees

By executive order, Gov. Mark Dayton has established a new state Diversity and Inclusion Council.

It’s goal: “to improve the recruiting and retention of state employees from diverse backgrounds, improve the contracting process for businesses owned by Minnesotans from diverse backgrounds, and promote civic engagement in the state.”

Dayton himself will chair the council, which will be made up of the commissioners of Administration, Health, Education, Employment and Economic Development, Management and Budget, Transportation, and the Chair of the Metropolitan Council.

And the state will hire a new “full-time Statewide Recruiter position charged with recruiting candidates from diverse communities to fill senior leadership roles throughout the administration.”

Dayton said in a statement:

“A government that serves the people of Minnesota, should reflect the rich diversity of Minnesota. We must ensure that all Minnesotans have equitable opportunities to work for their state government, to do business with the state, and to participate fully in the development of policy within our democracy.”

According to Dayton’s office, the new council’s mission is to:

  •  provide recommendations that will improve the recruiting, retention, and promotion of state employees from diverse backgrounds
  • provide recommendations to improve the contracting process with business owned by Minnesotans from diverse backgrounds
  •  provide recommendations to improve civic engagement with diverse communities

This new council replaces the state Affirmative Action Council, which had been established in the Gov. Arne Carlson and reestablished by Dayton in 2011.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Michael Isaac Davidson on 01/21/2015 - 03:34 pm.

    Potential issues

    The make up of the government should reflect the population, it would be unfortunate if we sacrificed proper representation for the sake of some narrowly defined vision of diversity.

    It also shouldn’t give preference to those who are indifferent to Minnesota over those who love Minnesota, even if both candidates have equal qualifications.

    Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if a Norwegian – American Minnesotan who loves Minnesota (and ALL its people) with all his heart lost out in a competition for a job to an African – American from Ohio simply because the State wanted to increase diversity?

  2. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 01/21/2015 - 05:36 pm.

    How can there not have already been a state Diversity and Inclusion Council?

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