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New state website offers look at agency budgets, salaries and contracts

Minnesota officials have launched a web site, TransparencyMN, which provides a look at the budgets and spending of state agencies, along with contracts, salaries and other state financial information.

In announcing the new site, Gov. Mark Dayton said: “This new online tool will provide Minnesotans 24-hour access to the information they need to understand how their tax dollars are being spent.”

The goal, officials said, is to “provide a current picture of the state’s operating budget, as well as daily expenditures made by state agencies-directly from the state’s accounting system. Information is updated nightly – showing budgeted amounts available to agencies, amounts budgeted in specific categories, and actual payments made for goods and services. The website also includes a searchable database where information on contracts and grants, state appropriations, and state employee salaries can be found.”

On the salary information section, the site shows that a Mark Dayton, job class Governor, with an original hire date of 1/03/2011, was paid $119,849.60 in FY 2014.

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