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St. Paul Police: Got a non-emergency problem? Report it online

The new system allows non-emergency reports to be filed day or night, from a computer at home or from a kiosk at one of the three district headquarters.

St. Paul police are rolling out a new online crime reporting system. For non-emergencies only, they caution.

“If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1,” they remind people.

The online system, can be used by anyone over 18 who has an email address.

Crimes that can be reported under the system must be:

  • non-emergencies
  • have occurred within the city of St. Paul
  • have no known suspects
  • did not occur on an interstate freeway
  • were not motivated by bias.

Some examples of crimes that can be reported under the system:

  • burglary of a detached garage
  • damage to property
  • fraud and forgery
  • harassing phone calls
  • illegal dumping
  • lost property
  • theft from automobiles

Officials say the online reports can also be filed at kiosks at one of the three district headquarters: Central at 367 Grove St.; Western at 389 N. Hamline Av.; or Eastern at 722 Payne Av.

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But, they remind people: “Filing a false police report is a crime. M.S.S. 609.505”