Sunday liquor sales supporters launch campaign to sway legislators

The long, and so far, unsuccessful, attempt to change Minnesota’s ban on Sunday liquor sales continues this session, and a group seeking change has launched a new campaign to sway legislators.

The MN Consumers First Alliance, a coalition that includes companies wanting the change, says it has a digital and social media campaign which includes a video that looks at five state laws which it deems ridiculous.

In addition to the Sunday liquor ban, the video mentions: requisite beards on men in Brainerd, a prohibition on skunk teasing, ban on pets sleeping in Dululth bakeries and hamburgers forbidden in St. Cloud on Sundays.

The group says Minnesota’s ban was enacted in 1935, shortly after the end of Prohibition, and we are one of 12 states that still has such a law.

Paige Calhoun, a spokesperson for the group, said:

“The reality is that people’s schedules vary in today’s economy. We don’t all work the same hours and, for many consumers, Sunday is the most convenient shopping day of the week. It’s time for our elected officials to put an end to this silly prohibition and allow Minnesotans the convenience of purchasing wine, beer and spirits on Sundays just like other items.”

There’s no mention of the ban on Sunday car sales.

Opponents of the ban have tried and failed in the past to convince legislators. But the push continues this session. A MinnPost story earlier this year revealed that a main argument in favor of retaining the ban — that an extra day of liquor sales would just spread those sales out over seven days instead of six — doesn’t add up, according to results in Washington state.

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