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Blois Olson on the state of the state: ‘No one expects a great speech’

Political commentator Blois Olson doesn’t have high hopes of a great speech tonight when Gov. Mark Dayton delivers his fifth “State of the State” address.

In his Morning Take political tip sheet, Olson writes:

Gov Mark Dayton is “unbound” and relaxed by all accounts. This could cut both ways for his State of the State tonight. Dayton has never been a great orator, and his awkward speeches delivery often times has made the audience uncomfortable – despite his ability to effectively make a case for his initiatives.

Meanwhile, after years as a communication consultant for politicos, Lt. Gov. Tina Smith knows all the tricks to effectively deliver a great speech. She’s likely his main coach and advisory on the speech. Dayton’s popularity is strong across Minnesota, the election spoke volumes about Minnesotan’s trust for him. Tonight as he pushes his budget plans, roads and bonding his opportunity is to show passion and depth. His trip lines could be a partisan rant and give Republicans an opportunity appear as the compromising party at the Capitol. 

Either way Dayton has more to lose with a bad speech than what he has to gain by a good speech. No one expects a great speech.

The governor’s 7 p.m. speech at the Capitol will be broadcast and live-streamed by many media outlets.

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