The Quadriga hoisted back atop the state Capitol after repairs

A crank moves the charioteer toward the Quadriga.
A crank moves the charioteer toward the Quadriga. The figure was removed in September 2014 and shipped to Omaha for repairs.

The golden statue that sits atop the state Capitol — also known as “Progress of the State” or the Quadriga  — is being hoisted back into place today, after a six-month stint in the restorer’s shop.

Officials had planned to put that statue back in place last week, but windy weather caused a delay.

The figures were taken down in September, to clean up some corrosion. It also was regilded.

The statue grouping is a focal point on the exterior of the Capitol building, which is in the midst of major renovation itself.

The Historical Society site says of the statues:

“This gold-leafed copper and steel statuary group, “Progress of the State,” was sculpted by Daniel Chester French and Edward Potter and placed on the Capitol in 1906. The four horses represent the power of nature: earth, wind, fire and water. The women symbolize civilization and the man standing on the chariot represents prosperity. From 1994 -1995 the group, also known as the Quadriga, was removed from the capitol building for complete restoration and gilding.”

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