DFL outlines DNC delegate selection goals for 2016: equal number of men and women

It’s still more than a year away, but DFL officials are already planning for the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Minnesota will have 94 delegates and six alternates at the  presidential nominating convention the week of July 25, 2016.

The plan, according to a DFL State Central Committee “Delegate Selection Plan” approved Saturday is to have an equal number of men and women, “if possible.”

The delegates will be apportioned under a “proportional representation system based on the results of the presidential preference ballots cast at the precinct caucuses.”

And the plan calls for these demographic goals:

  • African Americans: 10
  • Hispanics: 5
  • Native Americans: 2
  • Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders: 5
  • LGBT:  13
  • Persons with disabilities: 10
  • Youth (ages 18 – 35): 18

More info from the plan:

Of Minnesota’s allotted delegates, 51 will be “district-level delegates.” These delegates will come from people who attend precinct caucuses, organizing unit conventions and congressional district conventions. District-level delegates can run for election only in the district in which they are eligible to vote.

The breakdown of district level delegates is: Congressional District 1, five; Congressional District 2, six; Congressional District 3, seven; Congressional District 4, eight; Congressional District 5, nine; Congressional District 6, five; Congressional District 7, five; and Congressional District 8, six.

The remaining delegates will come from: unpledged party leader and elected officials, 16; pledged party leaders and elected officials, 10; at large delegates, 17. The alternate delegates will come from at-large. Unpledged party leader and elected official delegates are selected automatically as defined by the delegate selection rules; the pledged party leaders, elected officials and at-large delegates and alternates are selected at the DFL State Convention.

The state convention will be June 4, 2016. 

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  1. Submitted by Dennis Tester on 05/06/2015 - 09:34 pm.

    This is outrageous!

    Only two Indians and ten people who aren’t even from here? Given it’s the DFL though, I suppose the breakdown listed makes sense.

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