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Minnesota politicians respond to same-sex marriage ruling

The reaction was swift from same-sex marriage supporters.

Supporters of gay marriage wave the rainbow flag following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Friday, in Washington, D.C.
REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Many Minnesota elected officials who support same-sex marriage weighed in early today following the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Gov. Mark Dayton:

“What a great day for America! This decision is a huge step forward, toward equal rights and guarantees for all citizens under our Constitution.”

Lt. Gov. Tina Smith:

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“Our nation was founded on the principle that all people deserve equal protection under the law. Today, the Court upheld that basic promise in all 50 states, and confirmed what Minnesotans have known for years — that love is love. While this is a major victory, there is more work to be done. We need to continue fighting until all Americans have equal rights and protections guaranteed by our Constitution.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

“This is a momentous day in our country’s pursuit of equality and justice. The Supreme Court has affirmed what many states, including Minnesota, have already proudly recognized: same-sex couples deserve the right to marry. We still have more work to do to advance the cause of equal treatment under the law, but today’s decision is a major milestone for our country and a great victory for those who have fought tirelessly to make marriage equality a reality.”

Congresswoman Betty McCollum:

“Today is a wonderful day for so many loving families across this country who will now have access to all of the rights that marriage brings. Congratulations to those families and loving couples who will seet heir lives enriched by today’s decision.

“While today’s ruling will provide security, stability and basic rights for many families, there is still more that must be done to ensure our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender friends and neighbors are fully equal under the law. Congress must move swiftly to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act (which Minnesota passed in 1993) guaranteeing full workplace protections to all Americans regardless of who they love. Today is a monumental step towards equality for the LGBT community. I hope that we will build on this progress and continue to create a better and more equal country for today and tomorrow.”

Congressman Keith Ellison:

“Yesterday, Americans in 13 states couldn’t marry the people they love. Today, thanks to the work of millions, that number is zero. The Supreme Court decision today means no state can discriminate against an American because of who they love.

“The fight for equal rights is not over – too many gay and lesbian Americans are fired from their jobs and pushed out of their communities because of who they love. But today all people committed to equality can celebrate. Martin Luther King said the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. The Supreme Court’s decision reminds us that when we organize and stand together, it bends a little bit faster.”

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State Sen. Scott Dibble and state Rep. Karen Clark, gay Minnesota legislators who sponsored the state’s 2013 gay marriage measure:

We’ve made great strides in recent years since Minnesota became the first state where voters rejected a constitutional amendment to bar marriages in 2012, and then the 12th state to recognize all marriages in 2013. Residents in 37 states now enjoy the freedom to marry, and this decision opens up that right to families in the entire country. Social recognition and access to literally thousands of rights, benefits and guarantees means that families will be more secure, and our communities will be stronger for that. We are so proud of the work of hard working people – activists, our families, our allies — all across the country as they persevered these many years for the rights of all Americans. We’ve taken one more huge step on that long journey towards freedom in our country. Today, once again, love prevails!

State House DFL Minority Leader Paul Thissen:

“I applaud the Supreme Court for following our lead in Minnesota and ensuring every American can marry the person they love.

“In Minnesota, we’ve been leading the way in this fight as the first state to reject a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage and the first state in the Midwest to then legislate marriage equality. Minnesotans helped build a nationwide movement for marriage equality and equal rights that has culminated in today’s victory for all Americans.

“Minnesotans stood on the right side of history and then helped shape it for the better. I congratulate everyone who worked to make this day a reality and I join you in celebrating this moment of progress for our nation’s future.”

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman:

“Just two years ago, rainbow flags flew over Saint Paul’s Wabasha Street Bridge, spanning the mighty Mississippi River. Marriage equality had become law in our state. It required decades of fearlessness, hard work and faith on the part of millions of individuals across our state to reach that milestone. Today’s ruling by the High Court means love is now the law across our nation – and I have never been more convinced that we are at our best as a city, state and nation than when we reach for and achieve equality.”