Ramsey County Board Chair McDonough sues Boy Scouts, saying it didn’t protect youth from sex abuse

Ramsey County Board Chair Jim McDonough has sued the Boy Scouts of America, claiming that he was abused by a scout leader four decades ago and the organization was negligent by not protecting youth in the organization.

McDonough said he was abused by a scout leader, now deceased, between 1967-71, the Pioneer Press says.

McDonough said in a statement:

“This predator stole four years of my life. I lost another 15 years to self-destructive behavior. For years, this was my shame. It’s no longer my shame — it’s the Boy Scouts’ shame.”

The paper notes that state law allows law adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse can file a civil lawsuit for past abuse until May 24, 2016.

McDonough’s suit says the Boy Scouts failed to adequately respond to an institution-wide sexual abuse epidemic within scouting and had “perversion files” on alleged pedophiles, yet allowed some to continue as scout leaders.

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