Humphrey School offers online training for election officials

The University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs is rolling out a new online certification course for election officials.

Officials say the course, the first online of its kind, will be open for enrollment in the fall “to provide relevant and rigorous professional training to those who run election systems throughout the United States, as well as post-baccalaureate students.”

They say there are more than 8,000 local election jurisdictions around the country and more than 50,000 election workers.

The new program will train leaders “at a time when there is an urgent national need to professionalize election systems,” said Humphrey School Dean Eric Schwartz.

Twelve credits will be required to earn the Election Administration Certificate, and classes will be offered on topics like election law, election design and voter participation. Humphrey officials say students will get a deep understanding of election administration and the ability to identify — and resolve — key tensions that run throughout the field today.

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  1. Submitted by C. Dorr on 07/07/2015 - 07:48 pm.

    Humphrey Inst. online training for election officials

    Great to see this finally come to be !! It’s something which has been long needed to advance the professionalism and competency of those who run our elections. Generally, as a nation, we need to improve the “how” of running our elections in order to increase confidence, accuracy & transparency of the process. I think there is much that the “Minnesota election system” can teach to election administrators & officials in other states. Our system is efficient and reasonably accurate, compared to procedures used other states. Raising the election administration standards will benefit everyone.
    Bouquets to Prof. Doug Chapin of the Humphrey Institute as part of this initiative. Good job !

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