Woodbury to St. Paul rapid bus line gets $1 million federal development-planning grant

A $1 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration will help East Metro planners look for development opportunities along the proposed Gateway Corridor Gold Line bus rapid transit.

That 12-mile transit line would run buses between Woodbury and St. Paul’s Union Depot in an exclusive lane alongside I-94, with 13 stations. Organizers say it could begin service in 2022.

And they say that the $1 million grant, along with a $300,000 match from the Counties Transit Improvement Board, will let “local planners to more robustly consider potential opportunities, including improved access to employment, health care, education and housing for residents living along the Gateway Corridor.”

Washington County Commissioner Lisa Weik, chair of the Gateway Corridor Commission, said that the planning will ultimately increase ridership and improve development opportunities near stations.

“The funds will help us support our existing communities, plan for growth, create economic development opportunities, and provide mobility options for businesses and residents,” Weik said.

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