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After cancer diagnosis, Norm Coleman says he’s touched by support

Coleman, who revealed his diagnosis via Facebook last month, has another post about support he’s getting.

Former Sen. Norm Coleman, who revealed last month via a Facebook post that he has throat cancer, has written another FB post describing how he’s been touched by “support and prayers from so many from every side and location of the political aisle.”

There’s no update on his condition, but in the earlier post he’d said that after consultations with “doctors in the Twin Cities and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, it is clear that my cancer, while serious, is very treatable and the prognosis is extremely positive.”

Now he says even in the “struggle with the awful reality of cancer I have been uplifted by the outpouring of prayers and support.”

He says Republicans have been kind, generous and gracious. So have others:

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From Democratic Members of the Minnesota Congressional Delegation, to the Chair of the Minnesota DFL Party, my struggle has been met with outpourings of support, prayers and goodwill. Senator Klobuchar has stayed in steady contact for updates on my condition.

That’s encouraging, he says:

At a time when the partisan divide is a severe as it has ever been, I hope what I have experienced is a reflection that the human qualities of empathy, caring, and hope transcend the narrow (but intense) political divides. I learned from my own relationships with Senator Paul Wellstone and Walter Mondale, you can profoundly disagree with the approach someone has to solve a problem-but you can respect them and their integrity.