Ramsey County working to make park facilities more accessible to those with disabilities

Ramsey County officials say they’re working to make parks, playgrounds, ice arenas, golf courses and trails more accessible for people with disabilities.

The law, the Americans with Disabilities Act, has required it since 1990, but implementation has been a slow process.

The Ramsey County Parks system is now paying consultants about $100,000 for a comprehensive look at accessibility, which should be released later this month, says Lillie News.

County Parks and Recreation Director Jon Oyanagi told the paper:

“[We] want to make certain that the substantial benefits of parks and recreation are available to all, including people with disabilities. We believe strongly that our parks, trails, arenas, golf courses, and other facilities such as Waterworks, and our programs, should serve people with disabilities. This aligns with the County Board’s vision, mission and goals for vibrant community where all are valued and thrive.”

Recreation Accessibility Consultants is doing the assessment. Its president, John McGovern, told the paper that they found non-compliant curb ramps and parking stalls, trails segments that are too steep and portable toilets that are not handicap accessible.

The paper said the consultants included community input in making recommendations on which facilities should be retrofitted and in which order.

A big priority from community meetings was adequate parking, McGovern said, because it dictates people’s access to other park amenities.

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