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Inclusionary zoning: Will Minneapolis see it this year?

Inclusionary zoning: Will Minneapolis see it this year?

The term is used to describe a variety of local measures that either require or encourage developers of larger residential buildings to make a certain percentage of the rental units in a project available to lower income people at less-than-market rents.

James Risen explores a provocative question: Is Donald Trump a traitor?

I appreciated Risen's effort to clarity what he calls the four tracks of the Trump-Russia story, the fourth of which is one most of us haven’t been thinking about in the criminal investigation frame.

screening of 'Black Panther'

Why First Avenue, Rhymesayers and Juxtaposition Arts put together a free screening of 'Black Panther'

“Any time you get a chance to expose young people to great art and music and film, I just think it can have a lasting impact,” said First Avenue’s executive vice president, Dayna Frank.