Here’s hoping… we forgive and forget

Peace on earth, good will towards men
The season’s greetings don’t seem to end
There’s happy holidays and ho, ho, ho
Office parties sans mistletoe.

We go, we shop
Buy, wrap and tie
Fully aware of the reasons why.

Whaduyah mean there’s no Santa Claus?!
‘Course there is! We do this because…

Well, this is the way it’s always been
Rush to the mall and spend, spend, spend
The “holidays,” is why we do what we do!
(But would ya really if it were left up to you?)

Presents are nice, don’t get me wrong
Roasting chestnuts and sing-alongs
This is the season of the miracle of light
And a baby’s birth on a holy night.

Ever since the gifting of myrrh
Things changed on earth from the way they were
Or at least that was the original intent
You know; the father-son thing and why he was sent.

Yet somewhere in that biblical tale
Reveals a species both human and frail
And a need to make good and move on from the past
And form relationships with meaning that last.

And that’s my wish for 2008
To forgive and forget ’cause it’s never too late
To forgive a hurt, or mend a fence
Think of this as the season of recompense.

And if that’s too deep, then…just get over it
A relationship’s beauty is that it’s closeknit
That can only happen by making amends
And I bet we can all do it before the year ends.

Happy New Year.

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