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Democratic delegates — by the numbers

While the race is on for the Democratic nomination, it’s difficult to get a firm grasp on who has the lead. Delegate numbers vary throughout the day and are further divided by pledged delegates and superdelegates.

We’re keeping an eye on the numbers for you. The table below is a sampling of news organizations and their delegate counts — each using its own methodology — and illustrates how the numbers play out for Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

 Real Clear Politics
CNN The New York Times
Pledged Delegates
 1,246 1,2421,123.5* 
 248 237221
Total 1,494 1,479 1,471.5*
Pledged Delegates
 1,414 1,4131,189.5* 
 213 208201.5
Total 1,627 1,621 1,620*

*Note: The New York Times has included pledged delegates and projections from nonbinding contests into its sum of total delegates. For Obama, the Times reports 1,189.5 pledged delegates and 229 projected delegates for a projected pledged delegate total of 1,418.5. For Clinton, the Times reports 1,123.5 pledged delegates and 127 projected delegates for a projected pledged delegate total of 1,250.5.

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