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Union’s response to Amy Lawler’s termination

During Attorney General Swanson’s first year in office, 50 of 126 assistant attorneys general were terminated or left under duress. Today Assistant Attorney General Amy Lawler was fired. She and her co-workers have asked the Attorney General to recognize their union and to meet and confer with AFSCME about working conditions.

“In her termination letter, Attorney General Swanson gave no reason for firing Amy Lawler. Bad bosses routinely fire ethical workers for union organizing and whistle blowing. That’s why we have laws to protect workers from bosses like Lori Swanson and Alberto Gonzales. If these top attorneys trample the Constitution, then who will protect our rights?” 

Council 5 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees provides one strong united voice for 43,000 public and non-profit workers throughout Minnesota, including hundreds of city and county attorneys.

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