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DNC Glean: Local journalist gets tingly

The PPress’ Bill Salisbury, blocked at Invesco from getting to Minnesota’s delegation, crafts a first-person concert review of the Invesco event, writing that Obama’s “message calling for change sparked one of the most enthusiastic receptions I have witnessed at a national convention.” Salisbury takes a pass on the substance evaluation. A Strib reporting team calls the stadium crowd “rapturous” says Obama offered policy presciptions as promised. (See MinnPost coverage here.)

Strib editorialists generally applaud the speech. They say the GOP’s “celebrity” attack line now looks silly, and the address “should go some distance” in addressing Obama doubts. They note, accurately, that Obama elided a hike on upper-income taxpayers and seem concerned. “The Democratic nominee will need to answer the charge that even a tax increase confined to those who have gained much … will knock an already-foundering economy to his knees.”

Unmentioned in the edit: Obama’s laundry list of plans really aren’t paid for, though McCain’s plan is worse.

City Pages’ Jeff Shaw talks to DNC protester/activists on their way to the RNC. “Here’s what we found: mostly, they want to talk. Talk and feed you,” Shaw writes.

The Strib’s Rohan Preston, normally a theater guy, captures a prominent Minnesota black family’s reaction to the speech. Three generations of the Givens family say it was their “I Have a Dream” moment.

MPR’s Bob Collins says Democrats had problems drawing folks to a “faith values” caucus.

A Minnesota anti-abortion protester crashed the Democratic convention’s women’s caucus, AP’s Catherine Tsai reports. Mary Colsch of Caledonia was among the trio who walked to the front of the room saying in unison, “Abortion hurts women. We need to support women. It’s not a Republican or Democratic issue.” They were escorted out but not arrested.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 08/29/2008 - 05:28 pm.

    We are going to have to deal with global warming, partly by weaning ourselves of fossil fuels, including foreign oil, now or after we run out. To wait would only increase both national hysteria and the cost of developing alternatives.

    I believe Obama favors the Apollo Plan (or something close to it), a 10-year program to develop and build an entirely new energy infrastructure based in renewables WHILE rebuilding our failed economy. The project would require us to create hundreds of thousands of good for workers whose jobs cannot be outsourced to other countries.

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