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DNC Glean: Over-emoting edition

It’s the day before we find out if Tim Pawlenty is running for vice president. He’ll be attack-dogging in Denver today. Everyone says McCain has made his pick, but we probably won’t know until Friday.

Minnesota’s delegation voted 78-8 for Barack Obama in the roll call of states. Two voters in the 88-person delegation either a) spontaneously combusted or b) abstained. MPR’s Tom Scheck lists the Clintonians. KSTP’s Tom Hauser reports the delegation is uniformly pro-Obama.

Political puffery: It’s a great tradition that pols embarrass themselves preambling their state’s results. The PiPress’s Bill Salisbury says U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar bragged up the NCAA champion UMD women’s hockey team, while Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak spoke of record 2008 precinct caucus turnout. You can watch Klobuchar and Rybak over-emote here.

The Strib’s Mark Brunswick profiles two state delegates who attended Martin Luther King’s 1963 March on Washington. (Tonight, Obama accepts the nomination on the 45th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.) Josie Johnson, a 77-year-old ex-U Regent, recalls raising $6,000 “in nickels, dimes and quarters along Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue” to fund the 43-person D.C. delegation. A second delegate, Lucy Buckner-Watson, was an Akron postal worker. Via MPR’s Bob Collins, the Strib’s Jerry Holt provides a beautiful photo of Johnson.

The Strib’s Pam Louwagie says Denver authorities struck a deal with unpermitted protesters to march. St. Paul officials hint they could improvise similarly, but face much more massive crowds. Nice detail: Mile High City police lead the march with a cart flashing “Welcome to Denver: Follow us.”

That was good cop. Now here’s bad cop: KSTP talks to local Code Pink protesters after, in the words of City Pages’ Kevin Hoffman, a Denver officer “brutally cross-check[ed]” one of their members. CP has good video of the incident here, with an eyewitness report from its sibling paper, Denver’s Westword.

Note to local planners: Be sure to have enough toilets on the street, please.

It’s only close to Minnesota, but MPR’s Bob Collins ran into an Ottumwa, Iowa, delegate who says he’s the “real” Radar O’Reilly from M*A*S*H. By the way, the Clinton supporter won’t be voting for Obama, but won’t vote for McCain, either.

Something about these MPR dudes: The network’s Mike Mulcahy got a hearty greeting from ’60s rock star Graham Nash. Mulcahy thinks Nash was confused.

The Strib’s Nick Coleman opens a vein over a DNC tribute that called former Minnesota U.S. Sen. Eugene McCarthy “Joe McCarthy.” Likening the Vietnam-era icon to Wisconsin’s legendary demagogue is like calling Ted Kennedy “Dick Cheney,” Coleman asserts.

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