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DNC: The locally specific Glean

A compendium of hometown reports from Denver.

The Strib’s Kevin Diaz says Minnesota Clinton diehards are still, well, dying hard. Delegate Jackie Stevenson says she’s ordered an Obama yard sign because “We can’t do anything else.” Fellow Clinton delegate Tammy Tesky says she’ll vote for the former first lady Thursday but will support Obama. Another Clinton delegate, Russ Stanton, says he will vote to nominate Obama. KSTP has video here. Fox9 stresses defections to McCain, interviewing Democratic apostates at the State Fair.

Diaz also quotes Minnesota delegates worried there’s not enough anti-war talk as the convention focuses on domestic issues.

The busy Diaz also writes that all is cool between U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison and Obama; there had been some friction when Obama’s campaign asked two Muslim women not to sit behind the candidate in Detroit. Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress.

Walter Mondale tells the PiPress’ Bill Salisbury that Joe Biden will reprise Mondale’s 1976 role. Just as Mondale was Southern Gov. Jimmy Carter’s emissary to blue-collar Northern voters, Biden will be an ambassador for Obama, who is similarly distrusted.

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MPR reviews the DNC’s first good police-demonstrator stand-off and its portents for St. Paul. It was swimming goggles and makeshift gas masks versus riot-gear-clad cops. The demonstrators were tightly packed, allegedly blocking the street. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman implies police presence will be less obvious than in Denver. KARE’s John Croman has a report here.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak led — what else? — a bike tour using the one of the 1,000 shared cycles a corporation will also provide in St. Paul, Croman reports.

The Strib’s Pam Louwagie writes that downtown Denver companies are finding business slow; part of the problem is that security talk kept many workers away. Shipping centers and cigar/wine stores were hopping, though.

It’s not really local, but St. Paul-based The Uptake interviews Jay Leno’s wife Mavis, a crazy-for-Hillary delegate who is nonetheless fully backing Obama.

Local-journalist-taken DNC photo of the day here, courtesy of City Pages’ Jeff Shaw.