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What they’re saying about Sarah Palin

John McCain and his veep running mate: Sarah Palin.
REUTERS/Matt Sullivan
John McCain and his veep running mate: Sarah Palin.

Who is Sarah Palin? And what does she bring to the GOP presidential ticket? For those of you who hadn’t put Palin on your list of vice-presidential likelies (not to worry; not many did), here is a biography and a few of today’s news articles, analysis pieces and opinion postings on Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential pick:

National Governors Association bio: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

New York Times:
“McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate”

U.S. News & World Report:
“10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Palin”

Reuters: “FACTBOX-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin”

PoynterOnline: “Who? Here’s a primer on GOP veep choice Sarah Palin”

Seattle Times: “Alaska governor Palin comes from small town to national stage”

TimesOnline (London): “Who Is Sarah Palin?”

National Public Radio: “Sarah Palin, a fresh face for the GOP”

USA Today analysis:
“McCain gambles with surprise pick”

Associated Press analysis: “Palin’s age, inexperience rival Obama’s”

Time: “Why McCain Picked Palin”

The Washington Post’s The Fix by Chris Cillizza: “The Palin Stunner” “Sarah Palin seen as GOP rising star”

Talking Points Memo Election Central blog:
“Who Is Sarah Palin?” (Also, TPM forwards a five-minute Alaska TV report into Palin’s “Troopergate” investigation.)

Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File: “Palin pick causes ‘elation’ among evangelical leaders”

MSNBC: “Palin: pros and cons”

Chicago Tribune: Commentary by Nanette Everson: “Palin carries a gun! She hunts!”

The Huffington Post: Sarah Palin Videos

Comments (5)

  1. Submitted by Aldine Wallace on 08/29/2008 - 08:45 pm.

    Hello, mothers of America. Does mothering require quality time with your children? Could you care for a four month old baby and mother four other girls if you were president of the United States. What happens to our country if a national emergency comes up and she is president. Or, conversely, what happens to her children if a national emergency occurs? I love women’s liberation, but this is disgusting.

  2. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 08/30/2008 - 01:49 pm.

    The poor judgment and desperation McCain’s choice of Palin evinces may make this the final nail in the coffin of McCain’s presidential bid. We can only hope!

  3. Submitted by Smith Smith on 08/30/2008 - 03:55 pm.


    The Governor of Alaska and Senator McCain’s pick for VP, Sarah Palin, ran a successful campaign to win a Beauty Pageant, even though her lone degree in Journalism and looks failed to earn work at a TV station. But being the “quick learner” that she is, realized that first “appearances and impressions” and the use of them, will get you everywhere.

    And she has used that in her bid for a presentable VP. Using Hillary Clinton’s “hard work” minus any of Hillary’s actual beliefs or hard work, displaying for all to see her love of guns, dead animals and more from de-listing, motorized extra large vehicles and gas consumption while promoting drilling in Anwar and disdain for science and pursuit of putting Creationism in schools, she wants every single vote possible to come in and vote her “beautiful”.

    Yes, she leaves no stone unturned to win while she throws even members of her own Party under the bus to get ahead because it is all about “appearances”. Never mind the investigation on her supposed abuse of power in office and the fact that her position aids her oil-man frequently mentioned “part Native” husband. Her fragile and loving baby and children that she shows off to the world will be cared for even if she is busy claiming to be family first.

    Never mind that Senator McCain’s mental capacity is already seemingly in decline, forgetting information and facts, because Palin’s “looks” and lack of experience will carry the day. Just think of how her beauty, dark rimmed glasses “ pseudo-genius costume” and first impression will wow Putin, bring Osama out of his cave or stop the production of bombs or invasion of our Country. Think of the possibilities!

    For those heartless chattering people on the Web that are calling Governor Palin “Cheney in a dress”, to you I say, “no!” She is more than that, she is “Dick Cheney in a dress without a head”, who might soon be exercising those athletic muscles to give the Beauty Pageant waves to the crowd. Palin really knows how to use things to her advantage and boy oh boy, sure do the “same-olds” that plunked her into place for McCain. They are even better than Palin in that they have “used” her.


  4. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 08/31/2008 - 07:53 am.

    Has anyone else noticed that on Thursday, the essential requirement for those who would be president/vice president was “foreign policy experience,” by noon on Friday, it had become “executive experience.” This essential quality, according to Republican utterances in the press, was possessed by Governor Palin but — guess what? — NOT possessed by Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

    Her nomination seems to be a blatant attempt to appeal to women, as though women were a bloc that would vote for her regardless of her complete lack of foreign policy experience or other qualifications to be the so-called Leader of the Free World and Commander in Chief of the World’s Most Obscenely Overblown Military.

  5. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 08/30/2008 - 04:23 am.

    While Obama focuses on the country, our needs, our position in.
    the world, and the future, it seems that McCain has gone “Rove-ing” picked an interesting flower and focuses on what it means to this moment and to himself rather than the country.
    If it wasn’t such an important decision, it would be sad. I would love to have coffee with this vivacious Mom while her kids were in day care.. or maybe I’d really like the kids…I am a grandmother… but a “heartbeat from the
    presidency?” I don’t think so.
    But they are afraid. They are very afraid. McCain/Bush/Rove are very very afraid.

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