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Book signings let McCain daughter mingle and tell personal story

Young fans and author Meghan McCain show off "My Dad, John McCain."
MinnPost photo by Christina Capecchi
Young fans and author Meghan McCain show off “My Dad, John McCain.”

It made a stark contrast to the digital pictures of a pregnant teen: Meghan McCain’s life by watercolor, soft and shaded.

The cover of “My Dad, John McCain,”  Meghan’s new children’s book, shows a blond toddler wearing a red bow, nestling on her dad’s shoulder. “I’m so proud of it,” she told a group in Minneapolis at the first of Tuesday’s two book-signing events. “I love this story. It’s very personal.”

The colors are as muted as the story line is simplified. “My dad and other prisoners were treated badly,” Meghan writes. “He didn’t get the right kind of medical care for his broken bones, and the food was really bad…”

The book is illustrated by Dan Andreasen, who drew some of the “American Girl” books. “I grew up reading them,” Meghan told a mother-daughter duo. (Her favorite: Samantha Parkington, whose wealthy family instructs her to be a proper young lady.)

Sporting a messy bun and black nail polish, Meghan signed books and giggled with visitors, many of whom called her beautiful, “like your mom.”

Cindy McCain made a brief appearance, pointing out that each page contains a “value lesson.”

Her daughter’s book joins an expanding canon of children’s literature by prominent Republican women. It was sold alongside stacks of “Read All About It!” by Laura and Jenna Bush, and “A is for Abigail,” by Lynne Cheney.

While signing books, Meghan’s smile rarely faded. “Nobody tells you,” she said, “but [campaigning has] been the time of my life.”

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