Penny the elder, Penny the younger part ways

Former DFL Congressman Tim Penny, who last week was in Denver on behalf of Republicans and singing the praises of John McCain, was at Xcel Energy Center this morning. More campaign work for McCain?

“No, I’m really not going to do too much of that,” said Penny, who ran as an independent for governor six years ago. “I’ve got no major role here. I’m just showing my son around.”

Penny’s son, Marcus, is a student at Mankato State.

“He’s an Obama guy,” said Penny the elder.

“It’s worked out perfectly for me,” said Penny the younger. “Before Iowa, I was for Joe Biden, but Obama was a close second. Now I get them both.”

Do he and his father argue?

“I do most of the talking,” said Marcus.– Doug Grow

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