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The presidential debate: What they’re saying

The presidential debate in Mississippi Friday night, as always, drew reactions on substance, form, choice of words, tone and debate style. Some frequently seen comments: No major gaffes by either candidate; Sen. John McCain didn’t look at Sen. Barack Obama during the debate, while Obama often spoke directly to McCain. Here is a sampling of reactions, from a variety of perspectives:

Dana Milbank, Washington Post:
“Temperature of debate? Lukewarm.”

Mark Halperin, Time:
“Grading the first presidential debate”

Andrew Ward, The Financial Times:
“Analysis: McCain fails to land knock-out blow”

Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard: “Scoring the debate”

Tom Shales, Washington Post: “McCain’s high horse meets Obama’s high-mindedness”

Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times: “Beyond ideology, a generational clash”

Jay Nordlinger, National Review: “Quick points on debate 1”

Editorial, Dallas Morning News: “White House-worthy performances in debate”


Compilations of reaction (from Sean Penn to Bob Barr):

The Huffington Post: “Obama-McCain presidential debate reaction: HuffPost bloggers weigh in”

The Daily Dish at the
“Debate Reax”


Fact-checking: “Friday night fight”

The Fact Checker, Washington Post: “Debate Live Fact Check”

Los Angeles Times: “Fact-checking the debate”

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