Sarah Palin’s big night

Five days after Sen. John McCain’s surprise announcement of his running mate, the Alaska governor addresses the Republican National Convention tonight. It’s been a whirlwind of news coverage — and controversy — about her, her family, her strengths and weaknesses, and also what it says about McCain’s judgment and vetting process. For a wide-ranging look at Palin and some of the issues swirling around her, check out these MinnPost offerings:
Rare Palin book suddenly a hot item, so paperback version is due shortly
By Joe Kimball
Minnesota’s female anglers and hunters embracing Palin
By Christina Capecchi
International press looks for clues of Palin’s foreign-policy views
By Sharon Schmickle
Delegates (and nation) await Palin’s coming-out speech
By Steve Berg
Other Palin coverage

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