Obama picks pro-RIAA, pro-copyright lawyers for top JD posts

Victor Godinez at the Dallas Morning News’ technology blog calls attention to CNET’s reporting of President-elect Barack Obama’s recent Justice Department appointees: “one of Obama’s first tech-related decisions has been to select the Recording Industry Association of America’s favorite lawyer to be the third in command at the Justice Department. And Obama’s pick as deputy attorney general, the second most senior position, is the lawyer who oversaw the defense of the Copyright Term Extension Act.” Read the rest of the post here, read the CNET article here.

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  1. Submitted by Tom Poe on 01/10/2009 - 09:32 am.

    As attorneys in leadership positions within the Justice Department, this move is scary. Both the Recording Industry (RIAA) which presently controls literally 85% of the music the world listens to, and the Hollywood (MPAA) have spent years attempting to push through legislation that turns federal law enforcement into their personal copyright gestapo. Obama has just placed two dangerous individuals in positions of pure, raw tyrannical power, and given the RIAA and MPAA their own personal federal police force.

    Want to be scared? Type in the words, riaa girl scouts, and check out the results for background info. Then, take a moment and visit the site of attorney Ray Beckerman to learn more about why Obama’s choices are truly going to impact you and me in alarming fashion.

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