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Pawlenty urging GOP to give Obama a chance, Washington Times says

Gov. Tim Pawlenty has supportive words for President Obama, according to the Washington Times.

“It’s important for all of us to come together, whether Republican or Democrat,” Pawlenty is quoted as saying. He and other Republican governors will attend the inauguration, and that, he said, “sends a message: Hey, look, we’re in this together.”

“We need to give him a lot of latitude,” Pawlenty said. “He wants to be forward-looking, forward-leaning, and we should give him some space in that regard.”
The paper says Pawlenty observed that Obama has appeared to be not as left-leaning and more moderate “than he came across in the campaign, ” and that he is urging fellow Republicans to give Obama the space he needs after he becomes president to carry out his programs, particularly in trying to fix the economy.

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