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Sen. Coburn on Al Franken

WASHINGTON, D.C. — At least one Congressional lawmaker is publicly enjoying Al Franken’s absence on Capitol Hill.

The Tulsa Beacon has this little insight from the Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.: “The battle in Washington, D.C. is real,” Coburn said, according to the Beacon. “Every day in the Senate without Al Franken is a great day.”

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  1. Submitted by Eric Henly on 03/19/2009 - 03:58 pm.

    Um… Is this an article? It’s 52 words of someone else’s story! Where is the context / analysis / original contribution? How about a quote from the Franken camp?

    Why does Coburn think this – is it because he is a global warming denier in the pocket of big oil? Is he a partisan hack who doesn’t care about the validity of the electoral process? Is he an obstructionist intent on denying Minnesota its full congressional representation while advocating political gamesmanship?

    Oh wait – I just wrote more than the entire article – maybe I should take Cynthia Dizikes’s job…

  2. Submitted by Don Medal on 03/20/2009 - 10:57 am.

    This would be a good reason to wrap up the case.

    We did the recount, we did the court case, appeal to Supremes next, but Minnesota needs two senators!

  3. Submitted by Jim Westphal on 03/20/2009 - 02:52 pm.

    If there was any doubt behind former Senator Coleman and the Republicans strategy, Sen. Coburn’s candid comments say it all. As long as I have a soapbox, the recent kneejerk reaction by the Republicans trying to lay the blame for AIG bonuses at the feet of the Democrats is utterly ridiculous. The Republicans, you will remember, had no strings whatsoever connected to their legislation last fall from the Bush Admin. The only valid criticism of the Obama Admin’s version is there were not enough strings BUT AT LEAST THEY ARE TRYING AND MAKING CORRECTIONS AS THEY GO ALONG. Which is all the people can ask of their government. No one is perfect, mistakes will be made, but at least they are paying attention to the interests of the middle and working class which is in the best interest of a consumer driven economy. Not supply side, trickledown, voodoo economics.

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