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Ellison’s office responds to Smart Politics analysis


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday I posted on an analysis of Keith Ellison’s FEC filings by University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics.

The analysis determined that 80 percent of the Democratic congressman’s itemized individual campaign contributions for his first quarter 2009 FEC filings came from those living outside of Minnesota.

Here’s part of the Smart Politics analysis:

“And whereas Representative Bachmann’s high-profile media appearances during the past year have coincided with an increase in fundraising for her in Minnesota, Ellison’s Page 1 story in becoming the first Muslim elected to Congress has coincided with a surge in campaign contributions from out-of-state, particularly in states with some of the largest number of Muslim-American residents (e.g. California, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan).”

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Ellison’s office later responded to this portion of the post with these comments:

“I don’t think that it is within bounds to make references to religious demographics unless you are going to do it for everyone,” said Ellison spokesman Rick Jauert, who added that he felt the paragraph made an unfair inference.

Check out the comments section of the Smart Politics story to read the developing back-and-forth between those that took issue with the post and the post’s author.