Weekly wrap: What’s keeping Minnesota’s delegation busy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — And back by popular demand, here’s your end-of-the-week look at what kept members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation busy this week when they weren’t arguing over the budget and tobacco.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar fills her legislative plate, although not with junk food. The Democrat, along with Seventh District Rep. Collin Peterson, secured a one-month extension for federal income-tax filings for Minnesotans affected by the floods and, along with Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison, introduced legislation that would curb predatory lending. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans boycotted a judicial nominee hearing, and Klobuchar lamented that it takes more than one to tango.

First District Rep. Tim Walz returns excess cash and expects the same frugality from his aides, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Third District Rep. Erik Paulsen is likely to be among those targeted by the Democrats next election. As a Republican freshman from a district that went for President Obama, Pauslen and others in similar situations are seen as particularly vulnerable, according to the Hill.

Eighth District Rep. Jim Oberstar continues to wrangle with the airlines, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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