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MinnPost launches new health blog

Is coffee actually good for you — or should you be sipping more peppermint tea? Does suffering from morning sickness mean you’ll have an extra-bright baby — or was the size of that new study you read about too small to mean much? And is early screening for prostate cancer a good idea for men or not?

There’s certainly no shortage of questions about what makes solid health news — and how to interpret it. So beginning today, longtime health writer Susan Perry will help MinnPost readers make their way through the thicket of health happenings, trends, studies and research in a new blog called “Second Opinion.”

Susan knows her way around the confusing world of health news. Her articles have appeared in a variety of local and national publications, and she is a former writer/editor for Time-Life Books and a former editor of Nutrition Action Healthletter.

Finally, our thanks to UCare, whose offer to sponsor the health blog enabled us to launch “Second Opinion” at this time.

Have a look!

— Joel Kramer, MinnPost CEO and editor

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  1. Submitted by L.A. Krahn on 06/09/2009 - 08:26 am.

    I find a twinge of irony in the choice of sponsoring partner for the health column.

    UCare is as good for the Minnesota’s financial health as a Phillip Morris would be for the Minnesota’s cardiovascular health.

    Since Medicare Advantage plans are lucre for this “non-profit” corporation, I look forward to seeing how this column will closely examine how UCare and their for-profit allies in 49 other states shall militantly resist any effort to reform themselves into subservience or out of existence inthe goal of universal, affordable health care for all.

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