Peterson’s statement about 9/11 comments

WASHIGTON, D.C. – Here’s Rep. Collin Peterson’s response to criticism of his recent comments to POLITICO in which he said a high percentage of his constituents believe that the Pentagon and Donald Rumsfeld were responsible for 9/11:

“If anyone was offended by my off-handed comment I sincerely apologize – I certainly wasn’t trying to make fun of anyone.  What I was talking about was simply that there are people in Minnesota’s 7th District who have called me and talked to me about this question.  The other point I was trying to make is that there are people in the 7th District who freely identify themselves as outside the mainstream – on the left and on the right – who try to hijack public forums like town hall meetings.  That’s why I do my district meetings on specific topics and in a variety of forums.  People in my district know me and they know they can reach me at meetings that happen all around the 7th District.”

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