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Update: Minnesota getting $15M in stimulus funds for energy conservation projects

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Minnesota will receive more than $15 million in funding from the federal stimulus package to spend on energy efficiency and conservation activities, according to Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s office.

The money comes as part of $354 million in funding that will go toward clean-energy endeavors in 22 states through the Department of Energy’s Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program.

“This funding will allow states across the country to make major investments in energy solutions that will strengthen America’s economy and create jobs at the local level,” Chu said in a statement. “It will also promote some of the cheapest, cleanest and most reliable energy technologies we have — energy efficiency and conservation — which can be deployed immediately. Local communities can now make strategic investments to help meet the nation’s long-term clean energy and climate goals.”

According to the Department of Energy, Minnesota primarily will use the money to meet its energy-conservation and greenhouse-gas-emissions goals by “enhancing the energy efficiency of local government facilities.”

Applications were ranked on multiple criteria including energy savings, jobs creation and retention, carbon emission reductions, geographic diversity, and indirect economic value within the state, the energy department said.

Klobuchar’s press office reported the following awards:
• Minnesota, State Energy Office, $10,644,100
• Anoka County, $1,896,100
• Duluth, $850,300
• Brooklyn Park, $649,200
• Eden Prairie, $626,700
• Apple Valley, $441,500
• Carver County, $365,800

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  1. Submitted by david granneman on 09/18/2009 - 10:26 am.

    hello all
    instead of wasting money on projects that have no future or possible return for minnesota. i have a solution to minnesota’s budget problems. two large oil fields have been discovered in north dakota and montana – how can minnesota profit from oil in north dakota. minnesota should eliminate environmental laws to allow private investers to build oil refineries in northern minnesota. oil could be pumped by pipeline or trucked from north dakota and the canadian oil sands. the oil could be refined into gas and oil and pumped to suppliers. this would not only ensure minnesota has cheap and abundant energy but also create thousands of high paying jobs. it would create all kinds of jobs everything from truck drivers to doctors. where there is energy developement there is growth and prosperity. there is no recession or deficits in texas. texas is creating jobs and has a budget surplus. minnesota could be the texas of the north. northern minnesota could be changed from a depressed area to a place where children could remain where they grew up and raise a family, instead of having to leave home and go to more prosperous areas to find a job. LET US NOT LET ALL THE WEALTH IN NORTH DAKOTA TO SLIP THRU OUR FINGERS.

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