Kline asks for review of ACORN and federal programs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The ACORN fallout continues.

Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., the top Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee, requested a review of all links today between ACORN and federal education, labor and human services programs.

“Lawmakers and taxpayers alike need to know the full extent of ACORN’s reach into the federal government,” Kline said in a statement. “Whether it’s direct funding for ACORN’s activities or collaboration between public officials and this organization, it’s time for a full airing of the links between ACORN and our government.”

Kline’s request followed a call yesterday by fellow Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann to have Gov. Tim Pawlenty appoint a special inspector general to investigate ACORN in the North Star state.

“I appreciate you taking immediate action to protect Minnesota’s taxpayers by prohibiting ACORN from accessing any further state funding,” Bachmann wrote to Pawlenty. “But, Minnesota must also take the next step to ensure Minnesotans that all state funds and federal funds used by ACORN affiliates in Minnesota have been used properly.”

At the same time, Rep. Betty McCollum took the House floor on Tuesday to urge her colleagues to support The Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act, or ACORN Act.

The Minnesota Democrat introduced the bill last week in response to recent Congressional action to cut off federal funds to ACORN. McCollum, along with Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., voted against in the legislation in the House.

“Last month, Congress took action to defund nonprofits serving America, but it failed to act against the corporate crooks that are actually guilty of felonies — including defrauding taxpayers,” McCollum said. “Why are companies that break the law as a business strategy allowed to receive taxpayer funds? A government contract is a privilege, not a right, and if a company commits a felony against the people of the United States, then that privilege must end.”

McCollum’s bill would prohibit federal dollars from going to corporations convicted of a felony for five years following the conviction.

Bertha Lewis, the head of ACORN, also spoke at the National Press Club on Tuesday. Check out this Washington Post critique of her performance.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 10/08/2009 - 02:14 pm.

    Betty McCollum’s bill is super. It would even limit the amount a corporation can spend on lobbying to $1 million per year!!!

    It’s a great step toward the time when the Congress remembers that The People voted for them in order to have representation in Washington, not corporate lobbyists looking to improve profits whether or not they benefit the common good.

    (Michael Moore’s new documentary is also super.)

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